PocketEd - Courses

BIOL C100 - Introduction to Biology (3.0 Credits/SH)
Biology for non-science majors. A general study of the basic concepts of biology including the human body and the environment. Emphasis on the characteristics of plant and animal life, human body systems, health, genetics, and the interaction of organisms in their environment.
Instructor: Randall Warwick, rwarwick@coastline.edu

BUS C120 - Personal Finance (3.0 Credits/SH)
Personal Finance teaches students the fundamentals of financial planning as well as development of an understanding of the social, psychological, and physiological contexts that influence decision making. Personal Finance provides comprehensive coverage of the role of money in students’ lives and personal financial planning in the areas of money management, stress management, healthcare, career planning, taxes, consumer credit, debt, insurance, investments, retirement planning, and estate planning. The course provides financial planning tools enabling students to identify and evaluate choices that lead to long-term financial security and a healthy lifestyle and to develop an understanding of their connection with money and the consequences of their decisions.
Instructor: Ted Ondracek, tondracek@coastline.edu

GEOL C105 - General Geology (3.0 Credits/SH)
A study of the composition and structure of the earth and the internal and external processes that modify the crust and the surface. Rock and mineral formation, geologic hazards, resource discovery, and uses will be covered.
Instructor: Kelly Ruppert, kruppert@coastline.edu

HIST C170 - U.S. History to 1876 (3.0 Credits/SH)
A comprehensive examination of the history of the United States from the beginnings of exploration to the end of reconstruction after the Civil War. It covers the political, economic, diplomatic, social, and cultural aspects of American life during this time span.
Instructor: Dan Johnson, djohnson@coastline.edu

HIST C180 - Western Civilization 1 (3.0 Credits/SH)   
A study of the development of western culture from the earliest beginnings to 1550 with an emphasis upon the impact of philosophical, social, and economic factors upon western civilization.
Instructor: Todd Menzing, tmenzing@coastline.edu

HUM C135 - History and Appreciation of the Cinema (3.0 Credits/SH)
This course explores the world of cinema. Content includes film theory, appreciation and criticism, narrative devices and techniques, the movie-making industry, and film’s influence on culture. Among other genres, the rom-com, musical, gangster, western, action, epic, foreign, independent, animated, and documentary will be critiqued. Students also learn the terminology of cinematography.
Instructor: Adrian Windsor, awindsor@coastline.edu

MCOM C100 - Introduction to Mass Communications (3.0 Credits/SH)
A study and analysis of the major media: newspapers, magazines, radio, and television covering how they function and affect society.
Instructor: Michael Carlucci, mcarlucci@coastline.edu

PSYC C100 - Introduction to Psychology (3.0 Credits/SH)
Fundamentals of human psychology. Using a scientific approach to the study of human behavior, this course examines and integrates physiological, intrapsychic, and social/behavioral perspectives on human thought and behavior. Major units include biological bases of behavior, sensation, perception, motivation, learning and memory, maturation and development, personality, and social psychology.
Instructor: Ted Barnes, tbarnes@coastline.edu

SOC C100 - Introduction to Sociology (3.0 Credits/SH)
An introduction to the scientific study of human society and social behavior, including the analysis of social interrelationships and human group organizations, culture, social differentiation, and social institutions.
Instructor: Peter Aguilera paguilera1@coastline.edu