PocketEd - Apply and Register

Step 1: Apply

  • All new students must apply to Coastline.
  • Returning students (those who have missed three consecutive semesters or more since last enrolling) are required to re-apply. There are no fees to apply. 
  • After processing, an acceptance email will be issued to the student within 3-5 business days.  

Step 2: Register

  • Complete the Online Mobile PocketEd Registration web form. GoArmyEd-eligible soldiers are also required to register for the course through GoArmyEd. Contact MilTech@coastline.edu for GoArmyEd support.
  • Mobile PocketEd classes begin the 1st day of each month with start dates February through December, according to the following calendar: 


Start Date
End Date
Last Day to Register and Submit Payment
Last Day to Drop for Full Refund**
Feb 1st
Apr 30th
Jan 10th
Feb 9th
Mar 1st
May 31st
Feb 10th
Mar 9th
Apr 1st
Jun 30th
Mar 10th
Apr 9th
May 1st
Jul 31st
Apr 10th
May 9th
Jun 1st
Aug 31st
May 10th
Jun 9th
Jul 1st
Sept 30th
Jun 10th
Jul 9th
Aug 1st
Oct 31st
Jul 10th
Aug 9th
Sept 1st
Nov 30th
Aug 10th
Sept 9th
Oct 1st
Dec 31st
Sept 10th
Oct 9th
Nov 1st
Jan 31st
Oct 10th
Nov 9th
Dec 1st Feb 29thNov 10thDec 9th


 **Refer to the Mobile PocketEd - Drop Policy  for the drop/withdrawal policy, deadlines, and procedures.

Step 3: Payment

Tuition rate for the Mobile PocketEd program is $200 per credit/SH.

CA residents are eligible for a discounted rate of $46 per credit/SH. For additional information, please visit http://military.coastline.edu/page.cfm?LinkID=1634.

  • Tuition Assistance (TA) Option: Student must submit TA Authorization to Coastline by the registration/payment deadline. Soldiers must request TA through GoArmyEd.  
  • Veterans or GI Bill® Benefits Option: In order to be certified to use GI Bill® benefits, please contact Coastline's Veteran Certifying Official. Students are required to contact Coastline's Veteran Certifying Official each time a class is added or dropped.Students may contact Coastline's Veteran Certifying Official at (714) 241-6233 or email srogers@coastline.edu .
  • Credit Card Option: Students paying out-of-pocket or who are authorized for less than 100% of tuition must submit the remaining balance by the registration/payment deadline. 

Step 4: Proctor

  • Students must locate a proctor who is willing and qualified to administer an exam in a secure location. Proctors must meet the following criteria to be approved to administer a test
    • Be one of the following:
      • Military Testing Official
      • Educational Service Officer
      • Teacher
      • Librarian
      • Principal
      • Coastline College designated testing official
      • Other accommodations can be made for students deployed or in remote locations; contact our offices for other options
    • Cannot be a current Coastline student
    • Cannot be a relative of the student
    • Cannot reside at the same address as the student

Step 5: Course Materials