PocketEd - Drop Policy

A student who has officially registered assumes full responsibility for completing each course in which she or he has registered.  If a course drop/withdrawal is necessary, it is the student's responsibility to do so by completing the online Mobile PocketEd Drop Request Form.

Please view drop deadlines before submitting a drop request.

Date of drop/withdrawal Refund
On or before the 9th day of the course (Courses start the 1st of the month) Full refund
10th to the 25th day of the course No transcript penalty and no refund
25th to the 63rd day of the course Grade of "W" and no refund
64th to the last day of the course Grade of "F" and no refund

A student dropping their Mobile PocketEd course is required to return the course SD Card to the college. Failure to return the course SD Card will result in a hold placed on future registration and transcript requests until receipt of SD Card.

Coastline Community College
Attn: Military PocketEd Program
11460 Warner Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

If TA was used and a refund is due, the appropriate refund shall be made to the student and the government in the same proportions as paid at the time of enrollment.  Refunds are made in compliance with existing DoD or military contract regulations.