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Welcome to Coastline Military Air Force program!

Coastline offers two programs to Air Force students interested in completing a degree. Students can complete their General Education (GE) courses required for their Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Degree through Coastline’s General Education Mobile (GEM) program, or obtain their Associates with Coastline.

 Program: Tuition:   Platform:   Session Length: 
Online (& GEM)  $200/credit (SH*) Online  8-weeks 
Online Learning Communities  $200/credit (SH*) Online  8-weeks 
PocketEd  $200/credit (SH*) SD Card - Laptop/PC  12-weeks 

*credit/semester hour (SH)

Effective Summer 2016, CA residents are eligible for a discounted rate of $46 per credit/SH. For additional information, please visit:


GEM: The General Education Mobile (GEM)

The GEM program is specially geared to Air Force students who are  interested in obtaining their CCAF Degree by completing their GE courses through Coastline. Special features that are exclusively available for this program include:

  • "Learning Communities" where two classes, taken concurrently, complement one another and have course assignments that fulfill requirements for both classes.
  • An interactive online speech course.

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Coastline College's Online Program

Air Force students seeking to earn an Associates Degree may transfer their current credits from Military, CLEPs, DANTES, or other college courses to Coastline. Students will be able to complete all courses necessary for a degree through Distance Learning. Students who have already completed their CCAF degree may transfer credit to Coastline to receive an additional civilian Associates.

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Students also have the opportunity to enroll in Coastline’s unique Learning Communities, which are an innovative approach to learning that enhance the student experience and accelerate course completion by integrating two different classes with shared assignments.