GEM - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my program at any time?

Yes. Coastline offers five short-term, 8-week sessions per year. Students may register approximately 2 months prior to each new session. Upcoming dates are located on the Academic Calendar.

Will I be assigned an advisor and will I be able to communicate with that person on a regular basis?

Yes. Coastline has an academic counselor assigned specifically to support students in military programs. The military counselor may be contacted toll-free at 1-866-4CCCMIL x16320 or e-mail

How will classes be delivered?

All courses and quizzes are completed online. The examinations for almost all courses are taken online.  Courses may also be supplemented with textbooks, written materials, electronic bulletin boards, online streaming video, and other instructional support systems.

Do I need a proctor for my quizzes and exams?

Almost all quizzes and exams will be done online. Certain courses will require a proctor for midterm and/or final exam(s), as listed on the Student Proctor Form.  

Is there a placement test?

Placement tests are required prior to enrollment in most English or Math class and are recommended for any student who plans to pursue a degree from Coastline. It is recommended that students schedule their placement testing prior to the end of their first semester of enrollment at Coastline, but no later than eight (8) weeks prior to enrolling in a Math or English course. Tests are administered at worldwide locations via the Proctor Agreement process. Coastline also accepts ASSET exam scores for placement into our Math courses and placement scores from other institutions for Math and English. For more information go to the Math and English Assessment page.

Do I have to own a computer to do distance learning?

Access to a computer and secure Internet connection is necessary for the 8-week Internet courses.

How many courses can I take at a time?

The Military Education program at Coastline Community College limits students to no more than 9 units max per 8-week session. First time students are encouraged to take a single course. Students need to plan on devoting at least 8 hours per week to their coursework.

Students who wish to take more than nine (9) units during an eight week term need to submit a Petition for Overload form. Coastline discourages students from taking more than two (2) courses per 8-week session unless recommended by a counselor. Taking more than 2 courses is challenging and students should understand that no special privileges, extensions, or TA refunds will be granted to accommodate the extra workload.

I have submitted an Educational Goal and Tuition Assistance using the AI Portal. Do I still need to register for classes at Coastline Community College?

Yes. Once the student has selected Coastline Community College as their GEM school, they are then responsible for applying and registering for classes through Coastline Community College.

Will Tuition Assistance (TA) cover the costs for attending Coastline?

Yes. TA covers 100% of the tuition/enrollment fee costs associated with Coastline's Military Contract Education Program. NOTE: A copy of the student's TA Authorization Form must accompany their registration form.

How do I apply for grants/financial aid?

Federal Financial Aid may be available through grants and loan programs. In general, to qualify for aid you must be enrolled in 6.0 units each semester and demonstrate financial eligibility through the regular application process. Receiving funding through the Tuition Assistance program does not disqualify any student from applying for financial aid. Students can reach Coastline's Financial Aid Department by calling (714) 241-6239 Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm PST, and Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm PST.

Does your school offer scholarships to military and family members?

Scholarships are available to all Coastline students and are granted to students who have demonstrated excellence, academic achievement and/or wish to pursue educational or career goals. Scholarship awards are granted each spring semester. For more information go to the Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

How do I access my college-issued email account?

Students access their college-issued email by logging into their MyCCC account and selecting the "Gmail Account" link beneath the Gmail logo. First time users and individuals encountering difficulties accessing MyCCC can obtain additional assistance.

Does the student pay in-state or out-of-state fees?

Military students pay the Military Contract Education Program rate associated with the program in which they are enrolling.  Service members originally from or currently stationed in California may be eligible for a discounted tuition rate of $46 per credit/SH when enrolling in Coastline's Military Distance Learning Program.  For more information go to In California? Know Your Options