GEM - Plan Courses

The General Education Mobile (GEM) program offers courses that meet the Community College of the Air Force's general education requirements. Not all course offerings are offered every session.  Please contact us or check the searchable schedule for further information. 

Oral Communications 3 credit/semester hour (SH)

  • CMST C200 (formally SPCH C200)

Note: CMST C200 is not currently available on the searchable class schedule. To register for CMSTC200, please email for further instructions.

Written Communications 3 credit/semester hour (SH)

  • ENGL C100*
  • ENGL C102
  • ENGL C111

Note: Beginning in the 2017-2019 CCAF General Catalog, CCAF students will have two options to complete the communications requirement. Option 1 is to complete 3 semester hours of written communication and 3 semester hours of oral communication courses. Option 2 is to complete 6 semester hours of non-duplicative written communication courses. 

Mathematics 3 credit/semester hour (SH)

  • MATH C100*
  • MATH C115*
  • MATH C160*
  • MATH C170*
  • MATH C180*
  • MATH C185*

Social Science 3 credit/semester hour (SH) 

  • HIST C161
  • HIST C162
  • HIST C170
  • HIST C175
  • PSYC C100
  • SOC C100
  • SOC C110

Humanities 3 credit/semester hour (SH) 

  • ART C100
  • ENGL C145
  • HUM C110
  • HUM C135
  • PHIL C100
  • PHIL C115
  • PHIL C120

*Indicates that the course has a prerequisite.  Student will be required to demonstrate they meet the prerequisite or take a placement test prior to enrollment.