Army Degree Roadmaps

Below is a list of suggested majors based on individual MOS's. Awarded credit will vary depending on an assessment of individual's Joint Service Transcript (JST).  

For more information on obtaining your Official Education Plan Agreement, visit our Official Education Plan page.


GoArmyEd Program

Coastline offers 5 fully developed degree's that can be completed online utilizing the GoArmyEd portal.  Soldiers can pursue majors not listed below - just speak to an Army Education Counselor and select "Other" on the Common Application.

92A/92Y Army Career Degree Program (ACD)

The ACD program matches unique MOS related skills to occupational-based degrees. Since many Soldiers become "Lifers", the ACD provides a solid transition into a related civilian occupation.    

Our Supply Chain Management degree was designed to maximize the credit soldier 's earn from MOS 92A and 92Y.