Majors were developed to compliment Ratings. Awarded credit is subject to change based on each student's individual evaluation or desired goal. You may also visit our complete list of majors. Please select your Rate to see suggested majors:

62B Construction Equipment Repairer

67R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer
67Y AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer
68B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer
68F Aircraft Electrician
68G Aircraft Structural Repairer
68W Health Care Specialist
71L Administrative Specialist
73C Finance Specialist
73D Accounting Specialist
74D Chemical, Radiation, Biological, Nuclear Specialist
75B Personal Administration Specialist
75H Personnel Services Specialist
79D Reenlistment NCO
79R Recruiter
79S Career Counselor
79T Recruiter/Retention NCO (National Guard)