Military Transfer Information


Students who would like to find out where they stand in terms of preparation and planning for transfer to a CSU, UC, or one of our partner schools should fill out a Transfer Plan Request Form. Note that evaluations can take 3-4 weeks to prepare, so please plan ahead. Students may also schedule an appointment with one of our experienced counselors. 


Coastline awards the degrees ofAssociate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), and Associate’s Degrees forTransfer (AA-T and AA-S.) Coastline's AA and AS degrees may be earned withthe students choice of General Education patterns.


Coastline’s Option 1 AA/ASdegree is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to competesuccessfully in a culturally diverse and global job market. The Option 1 degreerequires students to complete 18 units of specified General Educationcoursework. Thisoption is designed for students pursuing a degree and who may or may not beplanning to transfer to a four-year institution. Most of the coursework in thisoption is applicable towards transfer. Most four year schools do require General Education courseworkbeyond Coastline's Option 1 requirements for acceptance as a Junior into theirBachelor's degree programs. If you plan to transfer into a Bachelor's degreeprogram, you should be prepared to complete several additional GeneralEducation courses in order to fully prepare for transfer. It isimportant to schedule an appointment with a Coastline counselor for guidance in selecting yourcourses.


Coastline’s Option 2 AA/AS/AA-A/AS-T degree is designed for students who are planning to transfer to a university in theCalifornia State University (CSU) system. It may also be appropriate fortransfer to some independent colleges. The Option 2 degree requires students tocomplete 39 units of specified General Education coursework.


Coastline’s Option 3 AA/AS/AA-A/AS-T degreeis designed for students who are planning to transfer to a university in theCSU or UC system. It may also be appropriate for transfer to some independentcolleges. The Option 3 degree requires students to complete at least 37 unitsof specified General Education coursework.

Earn Your Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree 100% Online with the Learning 1ST Program

Military students can earn their Bachelor’s Degree 100% online with the Learning 1ST Program. The degree pathway options are designed to decrease the amount of time and cost required for students to earn an Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in an online format. Learning 1ST currently provides guided degree pathways in: Computer Science, Psychology, Business Administration, Human Services, and Global Business with concentration in Human Resource Management. To get started


Through our Degree Partnership PathwaysProgram, Coastline has partnered with severalcolleges and universities to enable you to transfer your Coastline Associate'sdegree into one of their Bachelor's degree programs with ease. Theseformal agreements assure students that specified coursework completed atCoastline will transfer and can satisfy general education and/or lower-divisionmajor prep requirements or elective courses. With customized degree roadmapsoutlining requirements needed to complete the desired degree, these pathways offerstudents a seamless transition.  Our partner schools are all affiliated withServicemember's Opportunity Colleges (SOC), regionally accredited, and willaccept Coastline's credits in transfer. Students interested in learningmore about our articulation agreements or exploring one of our partnerships canschedule an appointment with one of our experienced counselors. 




Arizona State University

Note: Transfer agreements are subject to ongoing review and revision. The roadmaps listed on these pages represent agreements at the time of publication.