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Coastline understands the highly mobile lifestyle of the military student, offering two course delivery options to best suit their needs: Online and Afloat.


Program:   Tuition Rate: Platforms:   Session Length:  
Online $210/credit (SH*) Online 8-weeks
Afloat $200/credit (SH*) CD 12-weeks
Education Offline$210/credit (SH*)Offline12-weeks

*credit/semester hour (SH)

CA residents are eligible for a discounted rate of $46 per credit/SH. For additional information, please visit:

Coastline College's Online Program

Eight-week courses are delivered over the Internet and provide online learning in a flexible format. More than 150 courses from Accounting to English to Cisco Certification (CCNA) are designed to match the needs of active duty Service members. The online program also offers high degrees of interaction with other students and faculty.  For a full list of courses and to determine course start dates, please refer to the Military Class Schedule.

Coast Guard Afloat Education Program for Cutters

Coast Guard students who are heading out to sea without an Internet connection can choose the Coast Guard Afloat Education Program. Courses are delivered on a CD-ROM packed with Emmy Award winning content.  A handbook and proctored exams are also provided.  Please refer to the ABOUT THE COAST GUARD AFLOAT PROGRAM  page for further details. 

Education Offline...At Your Pace

Effective Fall 2019, Coastlineā€™s Extended Learning Division, Programs for Military & Corporate Students, is consolidating its NCPACE-DL, Coast Guard Afloat, and PocketEd programs to enable all of its students to continue their education when Internet connectivity, location, and/or security does not permit consistent access to online courses. For more information please contact