About the Coast Guard Afloat Program

Coastlineā€™s Coast Guard Afloat Program is designed for students who need a portable education, flexible course schedule and year-round start dates. Coast Guard Afloat courses are perfect for those students who have little to no Internet access.

Coast Guard Afloat Program provides deployed students an opportunity to earn degrees without a break in education. Students complete courses as quickly as schedules allow, and progress rapidly toward degrees.

These independent study courses are designed for well-organized, experienced students. For more information regarding the Coast Guard Afloat Program, please call (714) 241-6326 x16634.

Course Delivery

Coast Guard Afloat courses may start any time (scheduled by Command) and are 12 weeks in length.

View Steps to Register for registration dates.

All courses are delivered on a CD-ROM  in conjunction with a handbook. Exams are proctored. 


All assignments are paper based and students work on assignments at their own pace, within the 12-week schedule.


All  courses require a proctor to administer course exams. All Coast Guard Afloat courses are proctored by Command ESO.

Course Material

Students are required to purchase a course Handbook and CD package and textbook, prior to the course start date. Once you receive your course materials you may begin working on your course assignments. Your proctor should receive your exam packet prior to the course start date.

Course materials should be purchased through MBS

Students should order early to avoid the rush. The MBS Virtual Bookstore will ship to APO/FPO addresses, but UPS ground is available for the continental U.S. Students pay online at the MBS Virtual Bookstore with debit/credit cards.

Available Courses

Current available courses 

Each Coast Guard Afloat course has a designated instructor that students may contact when they have questions pertaining to course content or for assignment assistance. For technical issues or extensions, students may contact CCCMobile@coastline.edu or (714) 241-6326 x16634.

Steps to Register

A few steps must be completed in order to register for a Coast Guard Afloat course. To view each step and to process your enrollment, visit Apply and Register.

Dropping a Course

If you need to drop your Coast Guard Afloat course, please review the drop policy.

A student who has officially registered assumes full responsibility for completing each course in which she or he has registered. If a course drop/withdrawal is necessary, it is the student's responsibility to do so by completing the Coast Guard Afloat Education Program Online Drop Request Form.