NCPACE - Navy College Program for Afloat College Education


Chart your Course with NCPACE

NCPACE gives Sailors the opportunity to experience a rewarding education and continue their personal and professional growth.

Technology-delivered courses are offered by a consortium of nine distance learning institutions, with Coastline Community College (CCC) acting as the academic integrator. For a list of rating-related degrees Navy students can achieve through Coastline, please see the Navy Degree Roadmaps page.

Tuition and Textbooks

NCPACE courses, including academic skills courses, are provided to Sailors tuition-free.  However, Sailors must pay the cost associated with their college textbooks and other educational materials.

Please DO NOT order your course materials online. The information on this webpage is NOT intended for NCPACE students. The text(s) for your course(s) will be sold pier-side during registration. Course materials for NCPACE may be different from Online/PDA materials. Contact NCPACE Representatives with any questions:

  • Norfolk Office                757-440-5301
  • San Diego Office          619-223-7695


Course Listing

For a current listing of NCPACE courses please see the NCPACE Distance Learning Page.

Registering for Courses

To register for classes, Sailors should talk to their Education Services Officer (ESO). Sailors must receive approval by their Command to register. Briefings and registration are conducted throughout the year at various base locations during specific dates and times determined by the Navy College Office (NCO) and NCPACE site representatives.