NCPACE - Navy College Program for Afloat College Education

Sailors - Don’t let your education stop while you are at sea!

As of October 1, 2017, you can access NCPACE courses directly through Coastline!

While the registration and Tuition Assistance processes have changed (See NAVADMIN 243/17), eligible sailors are still able to enroll in Coastline's award-winning, self-paced courses to fulfill degree requirements while deployed. Register today!

Chart your Course with NCPACE

NCPACE gives eligible Sailors at type 2 & 4 (sea duty commands) the opportunity to experience a rewarding education, complete undergraduate college courses, and continue their personal and professional growth while ashore and afloat.  Technology-delivered courses, using delivery methods which are compatible with the rigorous demands of sea duty, offer a portable education, flexible course schedules, and the convenience of year-round start dates. 

NCPACE courses do not require the student to have internet connectivity during any part of the course, except to download course material prior to the start of the term and prior to deployment. All assignments are paper-based. Students follow the assignment schedule in the Syllabus throughout the 12-week, self-paced class. Exam packets will be mailed directly to the proctor.

All NCPACE courses require a proctor whose function is to ensure the integrity of the exam process. The proctor will personally mail the original exam packet back to Coastline upon completion of the course. Students will be required to identify a test proctor, either the command educational services officer or command designated representative, along with the proctor’s contact information.  Students need to check with their command to obtain their proctor information.  Please note that current Coastline students cannot be proctors for other Coastline students.   
Once TA has been approved and prior to course start date, students are required to purchase a course packet and a textbook. Course packets and textbooks must be purchased through MBS (NCPACE). Each self-contained NCPACE course packet includes:
  • A paper-based syllabus, located in the student handbook
  • A CD-ROM/DVD for use on a ship or personal computer
  • Important Note: When ordering the handbook, please be sure to order either a CD-ROM or SD Card. You do not need to order both.

Each NCPACE course has a designated instructor who students may contact when they have questions about course content or assignments.

Students must complete several steps to register for an NCPACE course and are encouraged to plan ahead. It is recommended that sailors start the enrollment process 3 weeks before they plan to start courses to ensure that they can secure NCPACE DL TA authorization and the timely delivery of materials prior to going to sea.

A student who has officially registered assumes full responsibility for completing courses. If a course drop/withdrawal is necessary, it is the student’s responsibility to complete the NCPACE Program Drop Form.