Unofficial Evaluations

If you have not enrolled with Coastline before and need assistance determining how your prior coursework and military training will fit into a Coastline degree, you can receive an unofficial degree plan.*

If you are near a base that a Coastline Community College representative visits, you can have your transcripts unofficially evaluated on the spot. Find your local representative.

If you are not located near one of our representatives, you can receive your unofficial degree plan within 7 to 10 days by faxing a copy of your military transcript and transcripts from colleges you have previously attended to (714) 241-6324, or emailing them to Please include your name, email address, your current or closest military installation, and your phone number in your communication. 

Dependents: Please email desired major and copies of unofficial transcripts to

*The unofficial degree plan is subject to change upon receipt of official transcripts and review by an authorized counselor or evaluator. Official Education Plans must be requested once students enroll in courses at Coastline and submit official transcripts.