English & Math Placement

Course placement is required prior to enrollment in all English and Math classes (except ENGLC098 and MATHC005).

  • If you have graduated high school within the last 10 years, you may be eligible for placement using your high school transcript (See Other Placement Options below).
  • If it has been more than 10 years since you graduated high school, or to improve your prior placement results, take our Placement test or submit one of the alternative options listed below to determine the appropriate level of English or math in which to enroll.

It is recommended that students schedule their placement testing (or submit proof of placement) prior to the end of their first semester of enrollment and no later than four weeks prior to enrolling in a Math or English course. Prepare for our placement tests by using the preparatory materials (available below) prior to scheduling your placement test.

Preparing for the English and math placement test is a great way to invest in your future and can reduce the number of courses you may need to take prior to graduation – saving you time and money!

Assessment Prep Academy & Student Success Center

Free Online Math, Reading, and Writing Preparation!

Coastline offers free online workshops for students wanting to refresh or build their Math and English skills (includes reading and writing). The online workshops help assess your current skills important to college coursework and let you know if you are college ready! Based on your skill level, a personalized study path is created for you to review and build your skills. Move through the workshops at your own pace and around your own schedule. Access to the workshops is always open, so you can start anytime!

For information on how to get registered for the online workshop, please email collegeready@coastline.edu.

Option 1 – Test with one of our proctors

Military Program students can schedule a test session with their local Coastline Military Student Advisor.

Option 2 – Locate your own proctor

Corporate students and military students not located in proximity to a Military Student Advisor may identify a proctor in their local area using the criteria below and submit the Proctor Agreement Form. Supporting documentation is required to confirm the proctor’s identity and credentials. Coastline will send your proctor the test instructions within 1-3 business days of receiving your completed Proctor Agreement Form. Test sessions should be scheduled directly with your proctor.

  • Students must locate a proctor who is willing and qualified to administer an electronic or hard copy test in a secure location.
  • Proctors cannot be a current Coastline student or a relative of the student and cannot reside at the same address as the student.

Proctors must be one of the following and also submit documentation to show proof of identity and credentials:

Other accommodations can be made for students deployed or in remote locations; contact our office for other options.

  • Students have 45 days to take their placement test. If more time is required, contact our office.
  • Students and proctors will want to allow approximately 1 hour for an English test and 1-2 hours for a math test (depending on student’s desired math placement level). However, placement tests are not timed.
  • Students need to bring a photo ID to their test appointment and know their Coastline Student ID number.
  • Students taking the paper/pencil math test are allowed the use of a handheld four-function or scientific (NOT graphing) calculator only during the College-Level Mathematics exam section. It is the students’ responsibility to provide the calculator. Students taking the online math test will have access to a computer-generated calculator only during pre-designated questions.
  • No notes, scratch paper or dictionaries are to be used for the English placement test.
  • Cellular phones and other electronic devices are not permitted.
  • Test results are valid for up to 2 years only.
  • Please contact our offices for information or clarification of individual concerns.

Online tests

Allow approximately 2-4 business days after taking an online test for official results to be posted. Students taking online tests may print preliminary results upon completion of their test but will not be able to register immediately.

Paper pencil tests

Standard postal services are used to mail test packets from and to our office. Mail service and manual scoring can delay official results.

Students may enroll after they have received their official results via email or after seeing their placement results in MyCCC. Placement results can be found on the student’s MyCCC Unofficial Transcript and in DegreeWorks.

If extenuating circumstances have prevented you from doing your best on your placement test, you may have the option of re-testing.

  • Students are allowed a 2nd attempt on the English and/or Math placement test after a minimum of one week (7 days) from the original test date.
    • Prior to student’s 2nd attempt, to ensure the best outcome for placement, students need to be well prepared by using the preparatory resources available on our website.
    • Within 45 days of the their 1st attempt, students wishing to retake an exam can contact their proctor directly to arrange a 2nd test session.
    • After 45 days from their 1st attempt, students wishing to retake an exam need to request a new test by submitting a new Proctor Agreement Form.
  • A 3rd attempt may occur 3 months after the date of the 2nd attempt, but requires student participation in an appropriate intervention and approval from our office.
  • Any questions about Coastline’s Re-Test Policy can be directed to our office.
Don’t forget to check out the preparatory resources in Step 1, above!

The following may also be eligible for assessing a student’s placement level and are subject to interpretation by Coastline College:

Math & English

  • Unofficial transcript from a regionally accredited college showing completion of a math or English course with grade of "C" or better (additional documentation may be requested).
  • Unofficial or official transcripts from a high school that is accredited by a U.S. agency, demonstrating coursework completed within the last 10 years.  If you submitted high school transcripts to Coastline prior to January 2, 2018, please email contracttranscripts@coastline.edu to request placement evaluation of the transcripts on file.
  • Placement tests from a regionally accredited college (report must include the course for which the student is eligible to register).  Student is responsible for inquiring about the institution’s policy regarding costs, possible matriculation prerequisites, test result format and length of time to receive results. 

All of the above options are subject to documentation and review by Coastline staff.

Math Only

Math Placement: All students wishing to enroll in MATHC008, MATHC010, MATHC030, MATHC100, MATHC115, MATHC120, MATHC160, MATHC170, or MATHC180 must satisfy one of the following:

  • Achieve a qualifying score on the Math Placement Test.
  • Successfully complete the Coastline course prerequisite with a 'C' or better.
  • Demonstrate completion of the prerequisite course or placement level from another institution (See "Other Placement Options" above).

Note: Students cannot place into MATHC185 from the Placement Test. Transcripts showing proof of placement will be required for placement into this level.

  Course Prereq* Coastline Placement Test** ASSET Test**
Math 005 None N/A N/A
Math 008 Math 005 Yes N/A
Math 010 Math 008 Yes Yes
Math 030*** Math 010 Yes Yes
Math 100*** Math 030 Yes Yes
Math 115*** Math 030 Yes Yes
Math 120*** Math 030 Yes N/A
Math 160*** Math 030 Yes Yes
Math 170*** Math 120 Yes Yes
Math 180*** Math 120 & 115; or Math 170 Yes Yes
Math 185*** Math 180 N/A Yes

* With Grade of 'C' or better
** With Qualifying Score
*** Successful completion of this class meets Math Competency requirement
NOTE: The ASSET Test is not administered by Coastline Community College and is being phased out by the Navy.

Students can satisfy math competency with one of the following:

  • Placement into MATHC100 or higher
  • Passing MATHC030, C100, C115, C120, C160, C170, C180 or C185 with a "C" or better
  • Completion of two years of high school algebra with a grade of "C" or better
  • Passing Intermediate Algebra or a higher level math course with a "C" or better at any regionally accredited institution
  • Passing the Intermediate Algebra ASSET test with a score of 35 or higher
  • Passing the College Algebra ASSET test with a score of 33 or higher

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