Apply & Register for Education Offline

Step 1: Apply and Register

  • Complete the Online Registration form
  • Select a start date based on your schedule. Courses will end 12 weeks from the start date of the course.

Step 2: Proctor 

  • All Education Offline courses require students to identify a test proctor, either the command educational services officer or command designated representative, along with the proctor’s contact information. Please note that current Coastline students cannot be proctors for other Coastline students.   
  • Course exams will be mailed directly to your proctor after your course start date.

Step 3: Submit Payment

Effective Fall 2019, Tuition rate for the program is $210 per credit/SH.

  • NCPACE Distance Learning (DL) Funding: Student must submit NCPACE DL Authorization to Coastline before their registration is processed. 
  • Tuition Assistance (TA) Funding: Student must submit TA Authorization to Coastline before their registration is processed. Soldiers must request TA through GoArmyEd.  
  • GoArmyEd TA Funding: Eligible soldiers are required to request for TA for the course through GoArmyEd. Please contact before requesting GoArmyEd TA.

NOTE: Course start and end dates listed on your TA Authorization must match dates selected on the Registration Form exactly.

  • Veterans or GI Bill® Benefits Option: In order to be certified to use GI Bill® benefits, please contact Coastline's Veteran Certifying Official. Students may contact Coastline's Veteran Certifying Official at 714-241-6233 or email
  • Credit Card Option: Students paying out-of-pocket or are authorized for less than 100% of tuition must submit the remaining balance before their registration is processed.

Payment Submission Options:

Step 4: Course Materials

Once funding is Command approved and you have completed Coastline’s registration form, you may order course materials. Purchase course materials/textbooks through MBS Bookstore (Education Offline).


For further assistance, please email