NCPACE Apply & Register

NCPACE is a program that provides college courses to eligible Sailors at type 2-4 (sea duty) commands while ashore and afloat using education delivery methods which are compatible with the rigorous demands of sea duty.

First-time TA users must complete prerequisite training listed on the NCP website prior to funding approval, and:

  1. Receive academic counseling from the NavyCollege Virtual Education Center or overseas Navy College Office.
  2. Submit an Unofficial education plan (see Step 2 below).

Option 1: If you have not enrolled with Coastline before and need assistance determining how your prior coursework and military training will fit into a Coastline degree, you can receive a free unofficial degree plan. This degree plan will be needed in Step 3 when applying for Tuition Assistance.

Option 2: If you have taken courses with Coastline before, start the process to obtain an Official Education Plan for your Coastline degree.

You select your course start date based on your command’s deployment schedule! Please consider the following when choosing a start date:

  • All TA requests must be submitted and command approved a minimum of 14 days preceding the course start date.
  • Ensure that you have enough time to order and receive your course materials prior to going to sea.
  • Courses will end 12 weeks from the start date of the course.
    • Example Course Dates Start: 01-OCT-2017 End 24-DEC-2017

Planning ahead is key to successfully receiving TA or NCPACE funding. Sailors must go into the My Education portal to apply and obtain Navy funding. TA requests must be submitted 120 to 14 days prior to the course start date.

  1. Log into your My Education portal
  2. Select an NCPACE DL course(s) from Coastline’s course catalog
  3. Provide the contact information for your command’s designated proctor

Students will receive a system generated email notification once their application is approved and authorized

Coastline recommends taking no more than two NCPACE courses at a time. Complete the NCPACE Application & Registration form online.

  • On your registration form, you will be asked to identify your command’s designated proctor and provide your proctor’s contact information.

After your application is processed, an acceptance email will be issued to you and will include your MyCCC login information.  Note that due to the unique nature of NCPACE courses, registration for this program is available only through the link above.

Once TA is command-approved, you may move forward with ordering course materials. Purchase course materials/textbooks through MBS Bookstore (NCPACE).

Course exams will be mailed directly to your proctor after your course start date.

Obtain your authorized TA by logging into your MyEducation portal

  1. Click on "My Tuition Assistance"
  2. Then on "Existing Applications"
  3. Click on "View"
  4. Then "Print Doc" (will be in the top left-hand corner).

Please email or fax the TA Authorization to Email: Fax: 714.241.6270