Certificate of Achievement: International Business

The Internet Business Certificate Program offers training to two groups of individuals: those who seek new careers in international business and those who wish to advance their present careers by adding an international business education and training component to their qualifications. A combination of international studies courses is needed to prepare American students to function effectively in the global marketplace with its complex realities of international commerce, cross-cultural communication and negotiation. The program is offered over the Internet.

ENGL 105 Business English3.0
INTL BUS 100 Survey of Global Business3.0
INTL BUS 115 Global Marketing3.0
INTL BUS 135 Basics of Exporting1.5
INTL BUS 140 Basics of Importing1.5
INTL BUS 173 Introduction to Doing Business in Northern and Central Europe1.0
INTL BUS 175 Introduction to Doing Business in Mediterranean Europe1.0
INTL BUS 180 Introduction to Doing Business in Latin America1.0
INTL BUS 186 Introduction to Doing Business In Japan and Korea1.0
INTL BUS 190 Introduction to Doing Business in English-Speaking Countries1.0
INTL BUS 200 Computerized International Business Research1.5
Total Units:18.5

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