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CL Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Major Related  -  Complete all of the following

MS C100 Organization/Management 3.00
MS C102 Human Relations in Business 3.00
MS C104 Human Resource Management 3.00

   -  Choose MS C171 or SM C101

MS C171 Principles of Supply Chain Management 3.00
SM C101 Principles of Logistics/Supply Chain Management 3.00

   -  Choose MS C172 or SM C102

MS C172 Supply Chain Operations 3.00
SM C102 Logistics/Supply Chain Operations 3.00

Major Program Electives  - Select 6.00 SH from the following

ACCT C100 Introduction to Accounting 3.00
BC C112 Office Organization 3.00
BUS C100 Introduction to Business 3.00
BUS C150 Introduction to Marketing 3.00
BUS C222 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operation & Mgmt 3.00
BUS C284 Work-Based Learning 3.00
CIS C100 Intro to Business Information System 3.00
MS C101 Management/Employee Communication 3.00
SM C104 Supplier Cost Reduction/Negotiations 3.00
SM C204 Supply Chain Logistics Management 3.00