Coastline uses a Voucher system for students who qualified for the textbook incentive. Students who register and pay for their course(s) by the published deadlines (see Academic Calendar) will receive a textbook voucher code, to be used when ordering their course materials. The voucher will be sent via the CCCD issued email address approximately 3-weeks before the start of courses and will provide directions for using the voucher to place orders directly at the MBS "Virtual Bookstore". To access your college-issued email, students must log into their MyCCC account. If you are not familiar with logging into the MyCCC account, or are a first time user, please refer to this link http://military.coastline.edu/new_user.cfm

Students will select their preferred shipping method, and will be required to pay for shipping costs, by using a credit card.

Students will be dropped from their courses and will not qualify for participation in the $50 textbook incentive if tuition payment is not received by the published deadline.