Degree Roadmaps and Degree Planning

Spouse Program students may request an official Degree Plan by:

  • Enrolling into a Coastline course
  • Submitting official transcripts from all colleges previously attended (military, college, CLEP/DSST/ECE)
  • Filling out the Degree Plan Request Form.


Upon completion of the above steps, an official Degree Plan will be prepared and emailed to the student's Coastline email account. The process typically takes 3-4 weeks. 

If you have not yet enrolled into a course and have questions about which course(s) to take, please email desired major and copies of transcripts to for an unofficial degree plan.


Degree Plan Updates/Changes

If you have ordered additional transcripts to be included in your evaluation or you wish to change your major, please submit the Degree Progress Update Form. Updates may be requested once per year.



Q: Will Coastline accept credits I earned at another college?

A: Coastline accepts credits for college level courses taken at regionally accredited colleges/universities.

Q: Will Coastline accept credits from foreign institutions?

A: Coastline is unable to evaluate foreign transcripts. Students will need to obtain a detailed, official evaluation of their foreign credits from one of the evaluations services listed here. Although the agencies charge a fee for the service, the expense is usually much less than repeating the courses at an American institution of higher education. Coastline will accept the official evaluation and will count the credit/semester hours and/or degrees toward the student's educational program as appropriate.

Q: Will my Coastline degree transfer to a four year school?

A: Students in our Military Spouses Program may earn the Option II AA (Associate in Arts) degree. Although primarily designed as a career and technical degree for immediate use in the workplace, the degree also provides the academic foundation for transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program at a four-year institution. It is always recommended that you check with the transferring institution. This degree option will earn a student an AA degree and all the general education courses taken in pursuit of this degree option should apply toward a 4-year degree. However, additional lower division coursework may be required before transferring as a junior. It is recommended that students seek the advice of a counselor from their intended transfer institution.

If you are interested in transferring to a Bachelor’s degree program within the State of California in the CSU or UC systems and would like to earn an Option II or Option III AA degree, please note that some of the courses necessary for these degrees are not available online and would have to be taken elsewhere and transferred in to Coastline.

Further information regarding each of the three degree types and applicable courses can be found here. Contact our advising staff at for more details.

Q: I am a Veteran. Can I apply my prior military credits toward my Military Spouse Program AA degree?

A: Yes, you may apply up to 40 ACE recommended military credits toward your Option I AA degree. Please submit your official military transcripts to Coastline and be sure to choose the MOS/Rating related degree option when you request your degree plan.

Q: Can I take CLEP and other tests for credit towards a degree?

A: Coastline recognizes CLEP, DSST and Excelsior College examination programs and awards credit based on the subject area and the individual's test score. These test scores will count toward the Option I AA Degree. A maximum of 40 credit/semester hours can be awarded for all non-traditional course work, which includes such tests. Coastline accepts scores of 50 or higher for CLEP/DSST Exams (Level 2 Foreign Language tests may have a higher required minimum score). Excelsior College exams are accepted with a grade of C or better. You may view a chart of the exam credits we accept here (pdf).

Q: Do I have to take a placement test prior to enrolling?

A: Placement tests are recommended for students who plan to pursue a degree from Coastline, and they are required prior to enrollment in an English or Math class. Get more information about placement testing here.