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Federal Financial Aid is available to qualified students, and qualification is determined when an individual completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial Aid programs include Pell Grants, Supplemental Equal Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Stafford Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized), and the Plus Loan.

To be eligible to receive federal student aid, the student must:
  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • have a valid Social Security number.
  • have a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED).
  • be enrolled in an eligible program as a regular student seeking a degree or certificate.
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  • not owe a refund on a federal student grant or be in default on a federal student loan.
  • not have a conviction for the possession or sale of illegal drugs.
  • be participating in required class activities.
  • register (or already be registered) with the Selective Service System, if the student is a male and not currently on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Receiving educational funds through the military's Tuition Assistance program or GI Bill® does not disqualify any student from applying for financial aid. Applying for financial aid is not required, but if eligible, students can use financial aid to help with education related expenses.


What is the Shopping Sheet, and how is it intended to be used?

The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool is designed to simplify the information that prospective students receive about costs and financial aid so that they can make informed decisions about which post-secondary institution to attend.

To whom must Coastline provide the Shopping Sheet, and when must it be provided?

The Shopping Sheet provides the required personalized and standardized form with financial aid information for undergraduate and graduate active-duty service members, their family members, veterans, and other military family members covered by EO 13607. The Shopping Sheet is provided to students prior to enrollment so they can compare Coastline’s financial aid information with other colleges and decide which college they want to attend.

Coastline College provides the Shopping Sheet to:
  • prospective students who are eligible to receive military and veterans education benefits.
  • students who have applied for Title IV aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).



  • Financial aid resources are intended to supplement, not replace, the financial resources of the student and/or their family.
  • Student financial aid is available to assist you with the cost of education; this includes enrollment and tuition fees, books, supplies, food, housing, transportation, computer, and personal expenses.
  • In some instances, indirect costs (medical, dental, day care expenses) may be considered in a student's cost of attendance. For information regarding indirect costs, please contact Coastline College's Financial Aid Office.
  • To apply for financial aid, complete 2019-20 FAFSA and list Coastline’s Code: 013536.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) for Coastline, shown below, is estimated/based on part-time enrollment, a total of 21 units or 7 courses annually, and it includes the cost of tuition and an allowance for books.

Cost of Attendance
Service Member, Family, and Veterans Discounted Rate for Qualified California Residents
Program Rate $210 per unit $46 per unit
Tuition $210 x 21 units = $4,410 $46 x 21 Units = $966
Student Health Fee Waived Waived
Non-Resident Tuition Waived Waived
Books and Supplies $1,391 (modified from Coastline’s full-time calculation) $1,391 (modified from Coastline’s full-time calculation)
Transportation Not applicable Not applicable
Misc. Personal Expenses Unknown Unknown
Total $5,801 $2,357

NOTE: The estimated costs apply to 8-week online and/or 12-week offline courses.
Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any unusual expenses that might affect your COA.

For more information about Federal Financial Aid, as well as an overview of the Financial Aid Process and instructions on getting started, visit Coastline College’s Financial Aid Website.

Other common forms of tuition funding assistance include: Visit this page for information on Federal Loan Forgiveness.

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