Learning Communities

What are Learning Communities?
Learning Communities are groups of people who share common academic goals and attitudes. Students in a Coastline Learning Community take concurrent courses with common educational objectives. An individual assignment – a research paper for example – fulfills course requirements for two classes that are based in different disciplines. These communities take an interdisciplinary approach to higher education.

Learning Communities enhance the student learning experience with integrative, collaborative knowledge construction in two different subjects. The experience prepares students to search for common elements in challenges and opportunities, as well as provides curricular coherence. The camaraderie of co-enrollment has a positive effect on student learning outcomes.

How to Register  
Students seeking to join a Learning Community must register and submit Tuition Assistance or payment for both courses that constitute the Learning Community.

To register in Learning Community classes, you must register for both CRNs at the same time. Visit “Apply and Register” under your branch of service for detailed instructions on how to register. To identify a Learning Community section of a class, look for “CCC Military Programs LRNG COMM” under Location on the class schedule.   

Point of Contact
Students can email military@coastline.edu, or call 714-241-6296.  

Coastline offers two Learning Communities:

Learning Community Cohort A:

SOC C100 - Introduction to Sociology ~and~

ENGL C100 - Freshman Composition**

Fulfills the Written Communication and Social Science General Education requirements

Learning Community Cohort B:

ART C100 - Art History and Appreciation 1 ~and~ HIST C161 - World History 1

Fulfills the Arts & Humanities and Social Science General Education requirements, as well as the Global/Multicultural requirement

 **(A qualifying score for ENGL C100 on the English placement test is required in order to participate in this learning community)