Military Spouses Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

 The Military Spouses Program is available for dependent spouses and dependent family members of active duty service members. Active duty service members are not eligible for this program. To qualify students must be 18 years old or have earned a GED or High School Diploma, and they must have a valid Military Dependent ID card as of their course start date.


Eligibility Submission Instructions

New students must submit eligibility documentation when they apply to Coastline so that eligibility can be verified prior to the registration deadline.

Students may present the Military Spouses Program Eligibility formPDF Document and Military Dependent ID to an Adjutant, Military Commander, Military Personnel, Notary Public, or Coastline College Site Representative for certification. When certified, submit the eligibility form to or fax to (714) 241-6270 at least 3 days prior to registration deadlines. This is a requirement to be able to register for Coastline courses.


Length of Eligibility

Proof of Eligibility is required at the time of application.  Students who break attendance or re-apply to the institution will be required to re-establish eligibility for the Spouses Program.  Students may renew their eligibility by submitting a new Spouse Eligibility form or their MyCAA Financial Assistance Approval to the college. Current MyCAA participants will automatically qualify for the program.