Military - California State University Transfer Info

Coastline offers an Option 2 Transfer degree, designed for students who plan to transfer to the California State University (CSU) system and who also wish to complete an  A.A. degree.  The CSU system consists of 23 campuses located throughout California. The majority of the CSU's programs are campus-based programs, so they are primarily designed for students who will be located at the campus location for the duration of their degree program. Upon completion of the Option 2 General Education pattern, students may qualify for a Certificate of Achievement in CSU General Education. Upon certification, Option 2 meets the lower-division California State University system general education breadth requirements.  In addition to the General Education requirements, students must complete the additional requirements for the Associates Degree as listed in the college catalog. Option 2 requires completion of at least 39 units of general education courses plus a Major and/or elective units (numbered C100–C229) to total 60 units. 

Please note that the CSU system's acceptance of military/ACE credits is limited. Please contact for more information about how your credits will transfer to a CSU campus.

Below are links to articulation agreements between Coastline and select CSU campuses: