Study Skills and Tutoring

Services Offered:

  • Guidance in improving writing
  • Study Strategies
  • Help with understanding content

 Need help with a paper or research assignment? Send an e-mail to success@coastline.edu, and be sure to include:

  1. Your full name,
  2. Student ID number,
  3. CRN and title of the course for which you are requesting assistance,
  4. Brief description of the kind of help you want.

The tutor will contact you and make arrangements to address your needs.

Student Success Center Hours

If you are in the Orange County area, you are welcome to visit one of our campus Student Success Centers for face-to-face tutoring. Go to Coastline Student Success Center for hours and information.

Contact Information

E-mail: success@coastline.edu

More Tutoring Options for our Students!

In addition to Coastline's Student Success Center, students may also access Smart-Thinking Program and Tutoring.com (for military) for free online tutoring.

Smart-Thinking Program

Sign-up Instructions for Smart-Thinking Program (Free Online Tutoring Service):

  1. Go to Smart-Thinking website.
  2. Enter "Coastline2018" as the username and "onlinehelp" as the password.
  3. This access is limited to 10 hours. Should you require more time, please contact Daniel Pittaway (dpittaway@coastline.edu).

Tutor.com 24/7 Support

Tutoring is now available at no cost to service members through a DoD Voluntary Education Pilot Program at Tutor.com/military. Service members and eligible dependents worldwide can access the online service, which provides expert on-demand academic support 24/7, from any internet-enabled device for real-time help in more than 40 college subjects.