Textbook Support

Micro-grants are available to all Veterans in financial need. Micro-grants are only applicable to textbooks and course materials. There is a limit of two awarded hardship Micro-grants per fiscal year. Please keep in this mind when submitting your application. 

Application Process
  1. Complete the Coastline Community College VRC Hardship Micro-grant Application 
  2. Include Proof of Service, such as discharge papers, (DD214)
  3. Include a copy of your “Web Schedule Bill,” (MYCCC)
  4. Submit your application with a VRC Team Member
  5. Each application is reviewed to make sure that the information presented is reasonable and understandable, and that the proposed uses are measureable, achievable, and consistent with the requirements. Applications will not be processed if proof of service is not included. 
  6. Applicants need to allow 72 hours for processing. Coastline Community College has the sole discretion to determine whether or not to award the Micro-grant to Veterans based upon needs and current funding.  A VRC Team Member will notify you the outcome of your application.

To obtain a Micro-grant application, please call 714-241-6126 or email vet2vet@coastline.edu