Veterans FAQs

How can I better learn about my GI Bill® benefits?

The VA is the ultimatesource for info about your education benefits. Sometimes if you call to ask aquestion, you can get different answers from different service representatives.We recommend you use the "Submit a Question" feature on the GI Bill® website so you will have documentation of your questions and their responses.Visit the GI Bill® Web for a Question andAnswer session, click on the "My Questions & Answers" tab, andLogin or Create a New Account. Please be sure to print out your question andresponse session. Bring the printout to the VRC if you need further help fromour staff.It is your responsibilityto understand the details of your VA education benefits; the School CertifyingOfficial and Veterans Counselor will assist you with any questions you have.Please see the VA’s website ( or contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551to learn more about your benefits.

How do I get started with my GI Bill® benefits?

Steps for ApplyingOnline:
Step One: Log on to the VA online application portal,VONAPP, andfollow instructions and prompts.
Helpful VONAPP details:
If it is your first timeusing VONAPP you will be asked to create a user account.
After you log on youwill need to select VA Form 22-1990 from the drop down menu.
If you have alreadyselected a school, VA suggests that you work with the GI Bill® certifyingofficial or Veterans program administrator at your school to process theirforms simultaneously. This could save time and headaches later.
During the VONAPPprocess you will be asked to select your GI Bill® program. If you select thePost-9/11 (Chapter 33) and you are eligible for any previous versions (MGIB,MGIB-SR, REAP, etc.) you will be asked to identify the program you areforfeiting or switching from.
Remember - this decisionis "irrevocable," so choose wisely.
The rest of the form isself-explanatory.
Step Two: Wait for VA to process your application andnotify you of its decision concerning your eligibility for education benefits.You should receive Certificate of Enrollment in approximately six to eightweeks depending on the VA's backlog.
Step Three: Once you receive your COE, give it yourschool's GI Bill® certifying official. At this point your school's GI Bill® certifying official will process the Enrollment Verification form VA Form22-1990. This step can be completed at the same time as your VONAPP if you havealready chosen a school.

How do I get a copy of my DD214?

Request a copy throughthis website and notethat the Member 4 copy, which shows the character of your discharge, ispreferred for most educational purposes. After obtaining your DD214, be sure tokeep this document in a safe place. Also note that it is not advisable toregister for your DD214 through a county courthouse since doing so makes theprocess a public record, which could then lead to identity theft.

Even though I am getting my GI Bill® am I eligible for any otherbenefits?

It is quite possiblethat you will qualify for other benefits. You are encouraged to fill out aFASFA to determine what other benefits you may beeligible for?

How do I get my benefits paid each semester?

Certification for VAEducation benefits is not automatic. Students need to contact the VeteranCertifying Official every semester they wish to utilize benefits and fill out a newCertification Request form.

How many months of VA educational benefits do I have left?

You can access yourremaining entitlements by going to the VA eBenefits page and working throughthese steps:
  • Login to your existingaccount or register for an account (be sure to write down your username andpassword)
  • When a security warningpops up while navigating through the site, follow these steps:
    1. Choose “I understand therisk”
    2. Choose “Add Exception”
    3. Confirm securityexemption
  • At the “Create your DSlogon today” section, answer the questions, then begin “Basic Registration Lev.1”
  • Once your registrationhas been completed, upgrade your account and go through Remote Proofing
  • When proofing has beencompleted, go to eBenefits and click Manage Benefits, then Education
  • At that point, Chapter33 Post 9/11 recipients should be able to view and print your Post 9/11 GI Bill® Enrollment Info, which will serve as your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
  • Should you have troublecompleting steps 5-6, try logging out and logging back in

I’m a new student, what do I need to provide to the CoastlineCommunity College VRC?

Veterans and othereligible dependents receiving educational benefits under Chapter: 30, 31, 32,33, 35, 1606, or 1607, who have never used their VA educational benefits andwould like to apply for benefits should contactthe Veteran Certifying Official prior to registeringfor classes. Students must bring copies of complete VA form 22-1990 (VA form22-5490 for CH 35 only) or VA Certificate of Eligibility.

Students who have prioreducational training must order official transcripts be sent to CoastlineCommunity College from all colleges, universities, and/or training institutes(including Official Military transcripts) prior to meeting with a VeteransCounselor. You must bring unofficial copies of your transcripts to your firstmeeting with the Veterans Counselor in case your official transcripts have notyet been received.

If I have already used my benefits at another school, how do Itransfer them to Coastline Community College?

Students who previouslyreceived VA educational benefits at another school must complete VA form22-1995/5495 (Change of Place of Training) and submit it to the Veteran Certifying Official.

If I have attended Coastline Community College previously, whatdo I need to do?

All previously enrolledveterans should follow their most recent academic plan when determiningwhich classes to enroll in. Students must meet with the Veterans Counselorprior to the beginning of the semester to ensure that classes are covered by VAEducation Benefits. The student may have to fill out new VA forms. It depends onhow long ago they last attended.

Can I use my benefits at two different schools at the same time?

While receiving VAEducational benefits, students may be concurrently enrolled at more than oneschool during the same semester. Whichever school the student is pursuing adegree from will be the Parent/Primary School. If the student is registered andpursuing courses at a four-year institution, that school will be deemed theParent/Primary School. Veteran students must provide an authorization letterfrom the advisor at the Parent School (called Parent Letter or Primary SchoolLetter). This form states that the courses taken at the Secondary/Guest Schoolwill be credited toward the current major the student is pursuing. Veteranstudents are responsible for informing the Secondary/Guest School's Veterans'Office of the request to be certified at the Secondary/Guest School. TheSecondary/Guest School will complete the certification for the benefits form(VA form 22-1999) and send this information to the VA.

Students requesting the College togenerate a Parent Letter for a Secondary/Guest School must show proof ofenrollment and officially request for the Parent Letter to be generated bycoming admissions and records. The student is responsible for a debt incurredfor courses not applicable to declared VA program. IF Coastline is the primaryschool the student will need to fill out a Parent School Letter request form andsubmit to the certifying official along with a copy of the course description.

Do I need to verify my continued attendance each month?

Veteran students whoreceive benefits under Chapter 30, 34, 1606 and 1607 GI Bill® , have to verifytheir enrollment each month. These students will receive an award letter fromthe VA Regional Processing Center in Muskogee, OK. Once this is received, thestudent can verify their enrollment. To insure prompt payment of benefitsplease verify your enrollment every month. The earliest this can be done is thelast day of the month. Monthly verification can be done via one of thefollowing two ways:

Telephone - UsingInteractive Voice Response (IVR), 1-877-823-2378
Internet - WAVE (WebAutomated Verification of Enrollment).
Failure to verify yourenrollment will cause your benefits to stop. You must do this every month oryou will not get paid!
Federal holidays maydelay receipt of the Student Verification of Enrollment and/or your check.

Can I have my benefits Direct Deposited in my bank account?

Direct deposit of VAeducational benefits payment is now available for Chapter 30, 33, 35, 1606and 1607 recipients. This program speeds up education and work studypayments. It also decreases chance of missing, lost, or stolen checks. As easyas 1-2-3, students may request direct deposit through the VA by calling the VAat: 1-888-442-4551.

The VA will requirestudents to provide their VA file number, bank routing number, andchecking/savings account number.

What if I need tutoring for a class?

Tutoring is availablethrough the college free of charge. This can be arranged by visiting theStudent Success Center located on the first floor of the BSTIC building. TheVRC or Veterans Counselor can provide additional information. Students using VAEducation Benefits may also qualify to receive assistance from the VA forindividual tutoring. To qualify, they must be enrolled in 1/2 time or more andhave a deficiency in a subject which they are currently drawing VA educationalbenefits for.

If eligible for tutoringbenefits under a GI Bill® students may receive up to $1200 maximum for tutoring.For further information and to apply for VA tutorial assistance, contact theVRC.

IMPORTANT: Students who wish to utilize VA tutoringassistance must first have approval by the VRC. Failure to do so could resultin your tutoring not being covered by the VA tutoring program. Please contactthe VRC for the "Tutorial Assistance Approval Form".

I have heard about Work Study, what is it?

The VA Work StudyProgram is tax-free employment program through the VA. The rate is minimumwage, state or federal – whichever one is higher ($10.15 as of 2016). Veteranstudents must be enrolled in and receiving educational benefits at the 3/4 timerate or more. For more information contact the VRC.

How much will my benefit be each month?

Rates depend upon amountcontributed and/or length of time in service (Number of months of contribution),as well as enrollment status. Students can check current payment rates forChapters 30, 1606, 1607, and 35 at

For CH 33 currentpayment rates go to

"Duty ZipCode" will be 92708 for Coastline Community College. "Pay Grade" isalways "E-5". Students are paid at the BAH rate that reads "WithDependents". Increase in payment rates will take effect August 1st of therespective calendar year.

Students may alsoinquire at the VRC for current payment rates for VA Education Benefits.

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive benefits?

Different program(Chapters) pay different rates based on attendance or "rate ofpursuit". Also how long a class meets (i.e. 8 or 16 weeks) affects yourrate of pay. Contact the VA at 888-442-4551 toget info.

  Full Time 3/4 Time 1/2 Time
Fall/ Spring 12.0+ 9.0-11.5 6.0-8.5
(Chap 33,6.5-8.5)
8-week Terms (1st 8 week, 2nd 8 weeks or Summer) 6.0+ 4.0-5.5 3.0-3.5
Summer 6-week 4.0+ 3.0-3.5 2.0-2.5

Do I get school credit for my military training?

Credit is given forformal service school training as recommended by The American Council onEducation through its Commission on Accreditation of Service SchoolExperiences, and the Coastline Community College evaluation process. Students are required to submit official militarytranscripts and then contact counseling to schedule an appointment and torequest the military transcripts to be evaluated when the set up appointment.

How do I change my Major?

Students need to do the change of major with the VA by doing a 22-1995 thru the VA website. They will need to schedule a counselingappointment to get a new ed plan with the new major.